My Philosophy

Authenticity consists in having a true and lucid consciousness of the situation,
In assuming the responsibilities and risks that it involves,
In accepting it in pride or humiliation, sometimes in horror and hate,
There is no doubt that authenticity demands much courage,
And more than courage,
Thus it is not surprising that one finds it so rarely.

- Jean Paul Sartre

I believe my work as a therapist is to provide a climate which is safe and supportive for clients to live out a more ‘authentic self’ and explore all those feelings, thoughts and voices that were suppressed in their childhood and that they long to have heard.

I define authenticity as being true and honest with yourself. To really know yourself is to understand your individual human nature, what you can change and what you cannot, your own personality traits, learned behaviours, your values, beliefs, sense of justice, needs, goals and motives. The relationship with yourself is therefore, the primary and most important relationship you will ever have.

Seeking out answers to the deep questions and concerns in your life and then living in accordance with what you find to be true can often feel like turning on an inner light and waking up something deep within. When you practice living life authentically, it can create a real sense of resonance inside – like listening to an inner feedback system, making life feel more balanced, genuine and peaceful.

When you fight against it, or ignore the ‘feedback’ it can lead to feeling disconnected from who you are with or what you are doing, which in turn may create feelings of irritation, frustration and anxiety inside. Creating an internal ‘Sat Nav’ which guides you to what and where your truth is can help you learn through discipline and commitment, to hold yourself accountable and enable you to do your best to live according to who you know yourself to be within.

In the therapy room my aim is to replicate this authenticity which I try to live by both personally and professionally and is my starting point and my guide in my practice.

With authenticity at the very core of my work, my intention is to create place where the client feels supported and encouraged to think clearly and honestly about their lives and to find the freedom they need to come to their own conclusion about how they want to live and how to live well. It is not about teaching people to lead a happy life, it is about helping people to live more courageously and take ownership of their life, with the freedom and confidence to be truly themselves.